Christian Oliveira He declared in an interview that he felt more accomplished than I did. At 58 years old, the actress told that she did not understand the image of an empowered woman that the people had given her because of Juma, a character from the novel Pantanal, exhibited in Manchete in 1990 and that she won a remake of Balloon in 2022.

“Today I am an empowered woman, but at that time I was not. People appreciate that she has that power and strength of Juma, but she was not afraid of an insecure girl with low self-esteem. I always needed someone else’s look to validate me, to make me look pretty, competent and such”, reminded the actress of Quem magazine.

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To the actress, who launched the autobiography Versões de Uma Vida, she said that she struggled to conquer her self-esteem: “A Cristiana de hoje dresses the woman that she really is. Before it was only appearance. Today she is Cristiana do jeito that eu sou, grande, espaçosa… lutei para ter essa security and self-esteem that I have today ”.

Cristiana admitted insecurity due to the pressure of not being able to mature, but today she no longer cares about negative comments about her life.

“I don’t hit anymore for that pressure, but I hit it. I started to write my book exactly for a disso reason. When I entered the menopause, I had two options, either I was daquilo and I said that I wasn’t afraid, or I took care of myself, I tried to see it in a milder way and suddenly it delayed the effects. Today I don’t link anymore. And do you have a tummy or do you have cellulite? In that thing where powerful crowns are spoken, people are beginning to be free, ”she declared.

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