Diésar, who participated in BBB 10, has passed through few and good times in his personal life. Inclusive, passou fome. In the 1990s, he started working at SBT as a makeup artist. As he does not have money to buy his food, he has to eat many times with the remains of food from Angelicawife of Luciano Huck.

“Eu almoçava when she almoçava. E o que sobrava del almoço da Angélica, eu comia. For a long time it was like that”, says Dicesar in an interview with the podcast Não É Nada Pessoal. Even on occasion, he had to say that Angélica was never in this situation, he began at the time they had a good friendship and he fell very well.

I read the whole matter no tv focuspartner of metropolises.

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