The strong cross between Alex Caniggia and L-Gante (Photo: @alexcaniggia and lgante_keloke)
The strong cross between Alex Caniggia and L-Gante (Photo: @alexcaniggia and lgante_keloke)

True to his provocative style, Alex Caniggia lashed out L-Ghent and this one was not far behind. The least expected fight occurred when the son of the Bird and of Mariana Nannis from above a taxi he described the singer’s music as farting.

It all started when Alex shared an Instagram story while riding in a taxi while the driver was listening to Right Said Fred’s “I’m too sexy”.

“What a fear man, this is music,” said the winner of The Hotel of the Famous, the first cycle of the reality show that aired on teleph. And followed: “What L-Gante or L-Gante, what trap or trap, or not? Hold out for the 80s and 90″, she continued.What L-Gante, or any of that farting music today”, he shot without filters.

The least expected fight between L-Gante and Alex Caniggia on social networks (Photo: Capture Facebook)
The least expected fight between L-Gante and Alex Caniggia on social networks (Photo: Capture Facebook)

At that moment, the cumbiero did not hesitate to answer him and even doubled the bet. “But my chain is bigger than yours lelu lelu. Son of Caniggia, you lack 900 grams to talk about me, ”wrote L-Gante on his official Facebook account.

Not satisfied with those spicy words, the singer continued and lashed out: “My music may be farting but at least I earned what I have and I transmit to people that they can also achieve it. If it weren’t for your dad you would be the cheapest when it comes to buying kindness and mentality. Hug”.

However, far from ending the strong cross between the two, a few hours ago the son of Pájaro returned with a much more forceful post on his Instagram account.

“I eat caviar from high school and you have such bologna… If you like to smoke, bend over and smoke my vel… I see you dressed and it reminds me of a saying from my grandmother… even if the overalls are dressed in silk, overalls It remains… Learn it! Alex concluded, but not before leaving the singer’s name captured and captivated so that there are no doubts as to who the message was addressed to.

Alex Caniggia's strong message for L-Gante (Photo: Capture Instagram)
Alex Caniggia’s strong message for L-Gante (Photo: Capture Instagram)

However, it is not the first time that the brother of Charlotte Caniggia He has outbursts in his social networks. A few weeks ago he lashed out from inside his luxurious car against those who criticized him. “This is my car, which flies like a bird. German imported. Obviously it’s a ship. Don’t let the barats look at me because envy is serious”, the influencer proudly pointed out when publishing several images inside the vehicle. “The poor man does not even have enough for the key”, added the influencer.

The publication generated controversy and many people responded to the young man. “You have it thanks to daddy! Because you are not even useful for sweeping the sidewalk, ”wrote one of his Instagram followers. “How nice to be born in a golden cradle. What an ugly message. That says the poverty that you carry inside ”, another person told him. “But why are you barding poor people?” asked a user.

On another occasion, his powerful statements had an unexpected response that surprised even his followers. The event occurred when the controversial former player of the Hotel of the famous appeared on his social networks with a wad of money, with bills of one thousand and five hundred pesos to which he added one hundred dollars. “Is your hatred for my money or for my beauty?” He asked, and among the answers there was one that sensitized all his followers.

A boys’ diner called protection of children He retorted: “We don’t hate you, but if you want to visit us or be a godfather at Christmas we will love you more.” Thus, many people began to comment on it and from the account of the children’s picnic area they invited them to join his cause.

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