It has a complicated and very important role in the Star Academy. Indeed, Adeline Toniutti knows that students rely heavily on her to help them progress and go beyond their limits with their voice. A voice that the professor unfortunately no longer has. Or rather, not at the level she once held. The reason ? A terrible accident that still haunts her.

“I was a young hope of opera singing, but I lost my voice in an accident that burned my vocal cords”she remembered on the set of the Star Ac’ before entrusting: “Everything fell apart for me and I had to fight to be able to speak and above all sing again. But that made me a real specialist in vocal technique. Today my passion is to advance the singers”. But this accident, she already mentioned it two years earlier during her time on the show It starts today.

A course bordering on SM?

“It was winter, in December, the chimney was working very hard. The smoke evacuation duct cracked and the fumes were sent into the ventilation duct”remembered Adeline Toniutti before continuing: “There was a malformation and the thermal insulators melted. We had a combination of toxic fumes in the house and aluminum elements that melted. One night ago, I woke up with my salivary glands completely dried up and I was vomiting blood”.

Pain, Adeline Toniutti knows it very well. However, she did not hesitate to make her students suffer this Monday, November 21 with her “belting” technique. The teacher therefore asked the students to lie down on the ground to twist their necks… in all directions. This made it possible to obtain good results but which did not fail to shock some twittos. “Is it a singing lesson or torture?”, “Does Adeline’s lesson look like voodoo!”, “Adeline’s lesson is… atypical. It looks like an exorcism”some have pointed out.

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