In this last period, Santiago Moreno Charpentier, known as Chano, demonstrated a remarkable improvement in his health with respect to addictions. She kept a low and reserved profile and the degree of improvement cannot be calculated much, but it does not detract from any merit.

Yesterday he sang again in front of 80,000 people at the show for the 140 years of the City of La Plata and hours later he wrote a series of messages through a thread on Twitter that aroused some concern among his followers.

Chano Charpentier confirmed his romance with a 23-year-old model

“I am going through the end of an artistic cycle to move on to something that I want more. But during this brief transition I have noticed some psychological violence and indirect threats accompanied by sarcasm and irony.” The singer wrote starting the thread. Then he commented that a collaborator warned him that “very dark” people are plotting something against him to hurt him and to be careful.

Faced with this, Chano stated that he had never experienced such a situation. “What this person told me I already assumed, these dark people that she refers to, I have also identified. I hope it is nothing,” the artist closed.

His followers expressed their full support in this situation, sending messages of encouragement and support to the singer.

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