In an interview with colleagues from TV Star, Julie Depardieu answered questions about her role as a mom. The actress, in a relationship with Philippe Katherine gave birth to two children, two boys named Alfred (11 years old) and Billy (12 years old).

But during this interview, the name of his father was more than mentioned. Is the legend of French cinema a good grandfather? “Gérard is a very good grandfather! He is with us every weekend, he cooks. He also makes the best lamb in the world!”she explained before giving more details. “When I was little, he worked a lot but, with his grandchildren, he has more time and shows a real interest in them. He watches them, listens to them, also teaches them a lot of bullshit. He is funny and provocative . Billy said to me, ‘Grandpa, he’s 8 years of mental age.’

Very sweet words that contrast with those made in 2015 by Sophie Marceau in the columns of Society. The two had shared the poster of Police by Maurice Pialat. “I had taken the time to explain to Pialat that insult, confrontation and conflict are useless with me. I close up like an oyster when I am bullied. But Depardieu did not want that is going well between his favorite director and me. He would lose his authority. So he worked to pit us against each other, Pialat and me. He’s a predator, Depardieu, we have to he eats everything and everyone (…) That’s why Depardieu is Depardieu”she explained at the time.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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