The participation of Thomas Holder in Big Brother it was fleeting, however, despite having been the first eliminated from the competition, it continues to give people talk. The renowned TikTok influencer earned the hatred of the audience after presenting a homophobic and classist character, characteristics that no one forgives in the middle of 2022. He came out with 60% of the votes, but behind him there is a sad family story, which was revealed in the last hours.

It was precisely his mother Gisela Gordillo who in an interview with Ulises Jaitt for his radio program XLFM, recounted the dark past that follows her and her son, Thomas Holder. “Tomás has no relationship with his father. He disappeared. He wants to hide three meters underground”started commenting Gisela. “When I separated and he was 2 years old, I told him ‘if you don’t want to pass a sachet of milk, don’t pass it, but come see your son.’ Said and done, he didn’t comply. He came from time to time”he stressed.

Thomas Holder and his mother
Holder’s mom broke the silence.

next, Gisela revealed that she was a victim of gender violenceperpetrated by nothing more and nothing less than the father of Thomas Holder: “I have gone through gender violence because of Tomi’s father. At that moment when one made a complaint they did not give you a ball, they sent you to your house. Today luckily if a mine denounces you they give you a ball, there is a precedent”he pointed.

“The psychological violence was worse, that they make you feel bad. He told me I was ugly, black. He was a violent verbal and psychological shit. He was 20 years old. He attacked me with a push, a blow…accurate gordilloleaving everyone stunned in the studio.

Thomas Holder
Holder has not yet commented on the matter.

In this way, the sad family history of Thomas Holder, the first eliminated from the 2022 season of Big Brother. So far, the controversial and renowned tiktoker has not referred to the statements of his mother. It is important to remember that the same influencer had pointed out that his father was a faithful fan of the format and that he would have loved to participate in the reality show.

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