Since August 2021, Mohamed Bouhafsi has been part of the columnist team for “C à vous” on France 5. And only a year after his arrival, the young man seems more fulfilled than ever alongside Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. This is a show entering its 14th season. The audience results are great. I think it’s a historic comeback. Last year, it was special because I was coming to the show. I had to adapt and get to know the personalities on this show. In the end, it was very fast with exceptional writing” he recently said in an interview with Puremedia.

This year is historic. People in the street, when they stop me, say to me: ‘We missed you! You were gone for too long. There is a real bond that has been created with the viewers, a bond with the atmosphere of this show, which is very friendly…” he continued.

The columnist’s fans must have been disappointed to see him suddenly absent from the show this Monday, November 21, 2022. Present at the start of the show, Mohamed Bouhafsi indeed mentioned the subject he would talk about later in the program with a voice a little broken. “Thank you Mohamed. Take care of your voice for now.” then replied Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

A few moments later, Matthieu Belliard made revelations about his colleague: “If you’re wondering where Mohamed Bouhafsi’s voice went, I think Camille Schmitt filmed the moment everything changed.” he launched. The images of the columnist in the process of shouting on the ground of the Parc des Princes in front of children, were then broadcast. We note that Mohamed Bouhafsi is indeed ambassador of the CNAPE which works for the protection of children. “I caught a cold too, it’s not just that.” defended the main interested party in front of his colleagues. And despite his effort to speak, the columnist finally left the set during the broadcast: ““Mohamed Bouhafsi went for treatment. He no longer has the right to speak until recovery ensues. We find him very quickly, I hope” explained Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.


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