Juliet Nair Calvo and Violet Urtizberea they are great friends. For this reason, they usually get together on various occasions to hang out and share talks while taking care of their children.

Despite the fact that their friendship was born years ago, they still surprise each other with some customs that each one has. So it was that the daughter of Mex Urtizberea told her networks a curious fact about her friend, which caught her attention.

Violeta Urtizberea and Julieta Nair Calvo

“Data. Julieta keeps the perfumes in the fridge”, wrote Violet Urtizberea on an Instagram Story with a “No idea” emoticon. In the photo, she could see the inside of her friend’s fridge, with some perfume bottles on a shelf, next to some Tupperware and behind a cake.

Surely it will have to do with the duration of the fragrance, a beauty secret that, if confirmed, would be good to apply.

Juliet Nair Bald
Juliet Nair Calvo with her baby.

Julieta Nair Calvo talked about the possibility of becoming a mother again

Julieta Nair Calvo gave birth to her first child, Valentino, on March 19. Since then, the actress has shared photos and videos of her with her baby on her networks and of course also with her partner, Andrés Rolando.

On the night of this Tuesday, Julieta Nair Calvo opened the possibility of sending her questions through Instagram Stories. Most of them had to do with her baby and one of them directly with motherhood. “Would you like to have another baby in a few years?” the query said. And the actress replied: “I would love to.”

Juliet Nair Bald

Obviously, the experience with Valentino is very satisfactory and Juliet Nair Bald He wants to continue expanding the family.

This Saturday, the actress also told her networks that her son was eight months old. “Thank you son for these 8 months of magic at full speed. The adventure of being your mother is a wonder from another galaxy. My pink pig. My randerande baby. I love you like I didn’t know love existed,” she wrote.

It immediately received thousands of likes and comments, including Barbie Franco, eight months pregnant. “Does he have a girlfriend???? Because I think I have someone to introduce him to hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,” the model dedicated to him.

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