As surprising as it may seem, Nikos Aliagas did not host the last ceremony of the NRJ Music Awards. However, it was not the desire that the host lacked, but his body decided otherwise. Indeed, a few days earlier, he was the victim of a violent fall on the plateau of the star Academy. A fall that forced him to rest and be replaced for the animation of the NMA.

“Dear friends, after a bad fall I injured myself on the Star Academy premium on Saturday. In concrete terms, I will not be able to travel to Cannes and ensure the presentation of the NRJ Music Awards: (Looking forward to seeing you live on Saturday on TF1 for the Star Ac semi-final!”, he announced on his social networks. But since this announcement, everyone ignores what Nikos Aliagas really suffered. Jean-Pascal Lacoste gave some information during his visit to the LaBeamTV channel on Twitch.

News of Nikos Aliagas’ accident

“Nikos fell off the Star Academy set, he fell almost two meters”first dropped the one who became a dad a few months ago before adding: “He started the ad and he fell into the public pit. He was limping and he left the set in real pain”. But this Monday, November 21, the host took the floor himself to give his version and especially to take stock of his accident.

“I was afraid”, admits the facilitator from the outset before specifying: “I tore my wing, split my foot, but show must go on…”. The one who was able to respond present to still animate the last bonus of the star Academy then went on to re-movie the incident: “At the pub, they turned off the lights and I thought I was going on hard, but I fell and the other leg turned over”. The injury could have been much more serious but Nikos Aliagas assures him today “everything is fine, we all have sores but we shouldn’t complain”.

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