to singer Nugget She had unsaved social networks on the last Sunday (11/20), after posting a photo of her family and receiving transphobic attacks, directed mainly at her son Lucca Antonio, 11 months old.

“The first word of the child will be: ‘Eu deveria ter morrido’”, he said with two attacks. “This is never going to be a real family”, commented another Internet user. “My child would never study in a school with this upbringing”, shot a third party.

Nope Twitter, a public artist prints the offenses and regrets: “My child is just an 11-month-old kid, people. Isso gave me so much, but so much”. confirm:

Pepita adotou Lucca. em interview with columnist Léo Diasdo metropolisesShe said that the baby was the result of a relationship between her husband while they were separated.

The initial idea of ​​​​my biological mother was to have an abortion, but Pepita did not authorize it and, in common agreement with her husband, who also did not agree with the abortion as a child, decided to trust her as a child. “Falei for him, we are going to solve the situation: he hits the kid. Mexeu was not emotional, because I always wanted to be my mother (…) I wanted to have my family. I always thought that when you were a child it would be the purest and most true love in the world. ”, She explained.

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