He has publicly admitted to having slapped his wife and is preparing to do so in court. LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens was summoned to Lille on December 13 for a preliminary acknowledgment of guilt procedure (CRPC) in the case of violence against his wife who made him withdraw from political life, a-t -we learned this Monday in his entourage and from his lawyer.

“Mr. Quatennens was summoned to appear before the Public Prosecutor in the form” of this procedure, a “guilty plea”, said his lawyer, confirming information from BFMTV. “The facts against him are the slap” he admitted to having given his wife and text messages sent “after their separation”, she said.

Harassment offense not retained

“The facts against him are the slap that took place more than a year ago in an already mentioned context of mutual aggressiveness and the text messages he sent after their separation and whose lack of maliciousness had already been recognized,” she said. “No other offence, in particular that of harassment retained at the start of the investigation, has been retained,” she added.

The deputy “accepted this procedure in the continuity of his desire for truth and exemplarity”, in this case, she put forward. He “was able to indicate during the investigation with the police and the justice system the reciprocity of the tensions within his couple” in the process of separation, she noted. The CRPC allows the prosecutor to propose a sentence to a defendant who acknowledges the facts with which he is charged. If this proposal is accepted, it is submitted to a judge for approval during a public hearing.

A complaint at the end of September

The announcement of the launch of this procedure comes as La France insoumise tries to plan a return of Adrien Quatennens to the National Assembly, two months after he admitted violence against his wife, including a slap. He had made this admission after a publication of the Chained Duck referring to a handrail deposited by his wife.

The Lille prosecutor’s office had indicated in mid-September that it had opened an investigation as part of its “proactive criminal policy for the treatment of domestic violence”. Céline Quatennens then filed a second handrail on text messages sent by her husband, then filed a complaint against him on September 26, according to Me Dousselin “without adding any new element” to those contained in his handrails.

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