Image: Afghans wait to be welcomed at Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport More than 250 Afghans wait to be welcomed at SP International Airport
Afghans wait to be welcomed at São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport

Around 253 Afghans have been waiting to be welcomed at the São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, since Sunday (20). The Municipality of Guarulhos informed that, in all, there are 37 families, with 147 people and 106 single men.

The Afghans are taken to the Advanced Post for Humanized Assistance to Migrants, a municipal office inside the airport. After that, a process of searching for vacancies with the state governments begins. The city of Guarulhos states that it has no more vacancies available to receive immigrants.

A month ago, on October 13, 54 Afghans were sent to a shelter in Morungaba, a city in the interior of the state, and since then there has been no more reception in Guarulhos or in the other cities in the region.

The city hall also says that there are 30 vacancies available in the city of Una, a municipality in the northeast region of Bahia, and that it talks with the families to be taken; however, many accept and then give up.

According to the city hall, many prefer to stay in São Paulo due to job opportunities, and understand that the state also offers easy routes to other places. From January until today, the Guarulhos City Hall service has served 1,628 Afghans.

Since August 2021, when Brazil authorized, through an ordinance, the granting of temporary visas to Afghans, for humanitarian reception, the country has become one of the main routes.

Afghan citizens are seeking to flee the totalitarian Taliban regime, which took back power in Afghanistan in August last year after the withdrawal of US troops from the country.

As soon as they are referenced at the Advanced Post for Humanized Assistance to Migrants, the search for vacancies in the state government, responsible for managing this reception, begins.

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