The last two years on television for Marcelo Tinelli They have not had the results he has hoped for. Expectations had been very high, but the ratings and viewership figures were a complete disaster. The great bet of the entertainer in this 2022 was Canta Conmigo Ahora, and despite the fact that he had a debut that made Telefe tremble, as the days went by the format fell apart. With the arrival of Big Brother, the cycle was annihilated.

After this dismal performance, the rumor spread that tinelli he was considering his final retirement from television. However, the same driver denied his speculations in a statement that he published on his social networks: “I wanted to clarify something that some ask out there, because Twitter is a subject, one says anything and, from there, everyone gets hooked“, he pointed.

Marcelo Tinelli
He does not withdraw from the media.

“First, I do not withdraw in any way from the content of TV, from the platform, from streaming, I love the media”accurate Marcelo Tinelliemphasizing that at the end of this year his contract with El Trece ended, however, he stated that he will continue working.

In this same context, it emerged in the last few hours that Amazon Prime Video proposed to Marcelo Tinelli the creation of a reality show, in the best style of Being Pampita and Los Montaner. An offer in which he could not give a negative response, because the high sum of money that he will be paid is excessively high. A source close to the presenter, assured that “There is talk of a figure in dollars that is around 9 green sticks.”

Marcelo Tinelli
They will pay you millions of dollars for the reality show.

The content of the reality would have ten chapters and will show the most intimate aspects of the day to day of Marcelo Tinellihis work, his love for soccer and how is his relationship with his children Mica, Cande, Francisco, Juanita and Lolo.

At the moment the production would not have a release date, but it is presumed that the trip to Qatar would mark the beginning of this new Amazon Prime Video project with Marcelo Tinelli.

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