The fifth eliminated from the house of Big Brother. The Torah should have said goodbye to the most famous house in the world. With an almost predictable vote, the public decided to save Alfa with 4.45% and Juliana.

With great surprise for The Torah, today he said goodbye to the participants of the most famous house in the country. Her departure was not a surprise to anyone outside, since she had already wanted to ask for her departure for several weeks, but until now it had not happened.

Big Brother has a new removal from the house
The Torah.

The plate that initially had been made up of Lucilla “The Torah”María, Walter “Alfa” and Juliana, closed Thursday with the salvation of María, after Alexis “El Conejo” and Nacho decided to give her a second chance and lower her from the plate.

Big Brother has a new removal from the house
The Torah and Juliana.

In unison, the tribune responded to Santiago del Moro during the live program that was The Torah. Social networks also shouted it in their publications. The public wanted to have all “Los Little Monkeys” out of the housea.

“I can’t believe it, I really can’t believe it”Alfa said when listening to Santiago del Moro say that the public had saved him. It is already the third plate that Walter “Alpha” faces and is saved.

Big Brother has a new removal from the house

Romina and Alfa wage a pitched battle

Alpha asked to speak to Big Brother because he got fed up with his partner Romina. The two have their own versions and truths. But, the participating media assures that he will not tolerate that the former deputy treats him as “Degenerate”.

“You went to the grass, Romi. Go to **”, expressed Alfa and left the living room where they were all talking. Agustín benched Alfa and went to the confessional and denounced the player’s attitude for going against the regulations.

romina uhrig

At the same time, Romina She assures that she is already tired of his “jokes” and that Alfa is behind her telling her things with a sexual connotation. But the two should have more tolerance, patience and settle their differences, because Walter He was the least voted for by the public and was the first to leave the elimination plate.

The sixth week of the house of Big Brother He goes ahead and tonight when it was learned that Alfa was still on the Telefe reality show, Romina approached and congratulated him.

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