“Women in the shadows”, “The yellow eyes of crocodiles”, “Podium”, “The Art of loving”. Julie Depardieu has had a string of film projects since her debut in the 7th art. In 2004, she even won the César for best female hope for her role in “La Petite Lili”, a film by Claude Miller. On the heart side, she spins the perfect love in the arms of the singer Philippe Katerine. Together, the two lovebirds have even founded a nice little family. A family that she did not hesitate to mention during a recent interview for Télé Star.

In full promotion of the series “Alexandra Ehle”, she explained to our colleagues that she had changed her mind about children. ” I spend my life changing my mind “, she first launched before continuing: “ I don’t have many beliefs. I always said that I would not have children and I had two in quick succession! No doubt I was guided by the fear of not knowing how to do it. And also by a sort of quest for the ideal. I told myself that you could only be a mother by being perfect […] Now I have understood that, to be a mother, you must above all know how to say no in every way. »

“Funny and provocative”

During this interview, Julie Depardieu also took the opportunity to talk about her father. ” Gérard is a very good grandfather! He is with us every weekend, he cooks. He also makes the best lamb in the world! When I was little, he worked a lot but, with his grandchildren, he has more time and shows a real interest in them. He watches them, listens to them, also teaches them a lot of bullshit. He is funny and provocative. Billy said to me: ‘Grandpa, he has 8 years of mental age’. What I see is that he is happy to see them and that he is fully into it. “Touching confidences.


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