Once is not custom, JoeyStarr speaks neither of music nor of cinema. Monday, November 21, the famous rapper was the guest of “Télématin” on the occasion of the release of “Bistronomik”, his collection of cooking recipes and good addresses. The singer and actor reveals his militant passion for cooking, daily food and above all his thirst for meeting and highlighting cooks, pastry chefs, butchers, winegrowers, bakers.

Julia Vignali notably asked him what his tastes were in terms of gastronomy. “You could say that I love everything. Anyway, when you don’t like a food at its base, it all depends on how it is going to be prepared, sauced and so on.“, he explained before confiding in the way in which he educates his children in gastronomy: “I know that I managed to get my children to eat a lot of things, when they had the kid thing at the start, ‘Yes, I don’t like that'”, and in fact we get there.

Do you manage all the meals at home?“, then asked the companion of Kad Merad. “No, it’s not me who manages all the meals, but that’s how I manage to attract them, with the plate”, replied JoeyStarr. “And to attract you with the plate, what do you have to eat?”, Julia Vignali then asked. “Oh it’s very simple, you’ll see what will happen. I turn into an easy girl…“, replied in a saucy way his guest.

JoeyStarr about to get married

If JoeyStarr uses cooking as a weapon of seduction, his companion may have been charmed by the talents of her beloved. The latter has also announced that he was soon to get married. Thursday October 13, 2022, the former rapper announced the big news on his Instagram account. “She said YES!!!!!” wrote the singer in the caption of a photo in which he appears kissing the forehead of Jade Kohler, singer and musician who composed the music for the film “I love what you do” released last May with Gérard Lanvin and Artus.


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