Image: Earthquake in Indonesia Earthquake in Indonesia leaves at least 56 dead and 700 injured
Indonesia earthquake – VIA REUTERS

At least 56 people were killed and nearly 700 injured in an earthquake that rocked Indonesia’s main island Java on Monday, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said.

The head of Cianjur city administration, Herman Suherman, told the broadcaster Kompas TV that “victims continue to arrive from many areas. Nearly 700 people were injured.”

A previous balance recorded 46 fatalities.

“There are dozens of people dead. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of homes were destroyed,” he told the AFP Adam, spokesman for the local administration of the city of Cianjur (110 km southeast of the capital Jakarta), which like many Indonesians has only one name.

The earthquake’s epicenter was recorded near this city, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), which calculated a magnitude of 5.6 degrees.

Earlier, Herman Suherman, who also works in the administration of Cianjur, announced that at least 300 people were being treated at a hospital in the city.

“Many suffered fractures because they were trapped in the rubble of buildings,” he said.

Commercial establishments, a hospital and a school in the city suffered extensive damage during the earthquake, according to local media.

Suherman reported that many people rushed to Sayang hospital in search of information about relatives.

The tremor was also felt in Jakarta, but authorities reported no casualties or considerable damage in the city.

Several people ran into the streets. Mayadita Waluyo, a 22-year-old lawyer, described scenes of panic.

“I was working when the ground shook. I clearly felt the jolt,” she said.

Indonesia frequently experiences earthquakes because it is located in the so-called “Ring of Fire” region of the Pacific.

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