Didier Deschamps, coach of the French national football team, asked for more understanding as the French national team seeks to adapt to the recent injuries, but the French national team intends to move forward with full force with the same previously set goals.

Indeed, he was absent from the French national team, Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, before the World Cup, in addition to the exclusion of Christopher Nkunku and Karim Benzema on the eve of the start of the tournament.

The French national team, the defending champion, will enter its first match in the World Cup on Tuesday against Australia and there is uncertainty about the main squad, although the coach has no concern about Eduardo Camavinga’s readiness to participate as a starter, and he also confirmed that Raphael Varane is ready to participate from the start of the match.

Asked on Monday if the French national team should reconsider their approach to the tournament, Deschamps refused, although he sought media support.

He said the team would move forward with available players.

He added: Less ambition and less desire to do everything to reach the end? I do not believe in that. But if we can get more understanding from the media, if you can give us a little freedom, that would be great.

And he added: But we know what is required of us. We don’t make plans based on something good happening before it happens, we know the three competitors ahead of us.

He added: We know Australia very well, but you did not ask me anything about Australia. That’s perfect.

Despite the difficulties, Deschamps said that the French national team has no fears or worries, although the last three teams that won the title left the tournament in the group stage.

He said: This is based on statistics, odds and facts but I think each team entered their own journey to get to where they are now.

And he added: It is up to us to have a team aware of the goals of the first match. We won’t think about what could have happened.

He continued: The important thing is to focus on the first match against Australia. Everything before that we put aside.

He emphasized: There is an analysis that can be done, do whatever you want, but we will be ready for Tuesday’s game.

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