It’s the last straight line for the students of Star Academy! Next Saturday, November 26, viewers will know who from Enola, Anisha, Chris or Léa will be the next telecrochet winner…

But in the meantime, make way for the daily newspapers at the start of the week… And for those who subscribe to MY TF1 MAX, there’s no need to wait until 5:30 p.m. since this year, it’s possible to watch the students “live” from the castle! A feature that enchants fans of telecrochet… Only then, many Internet users keep complaining about “cuts” in sound.

“Editorial sound cuts are linked to the moderation of the flow (too private discussion of students about their lives, comments related to brands, tobacco, etc.). It can also be a wish not to broadcast a sequence for editorial indicated Endemol.

Comments on Anisha censored?

This Monday, November 21, 2022, on the official Star Academy Instagram account, several Internet users commented on theto last post to complain once again about the live cuts. Cuts that would be linked to Anisha according to them. And for good reason, the latter have found that on several occasions, the sound was suddenly cut off when the candidates were talking about Anisha.

“Why cut the live when it’s about Anisha? “, “Why cut the sound when the others are talking behind Anisha’s back? “, “A strange decision was made in production: censorship! Each time the other candidates mention him during the daily newspaper, the sound cuts out, a bit like to prevent his fans from relaying evidence proving his sidelining.can we read on the social network…

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