Sao Paulo

The actor Caio Castro, 33, is facing a lawsuit for moral damages in the São Paulo Court. The action is brought by a store clerk in São Paulo, who says he felt embarrassed by the artist, who was present at the opening of the place as a model.

Matheus Dias Encrenazi asks for compensation of R$ 10 thousand. He worked at the Strati Vestuário e Acessories Ltda store, located at Morumbi Shopping Multiplan, in São Paulo, and Castro would be present at the event to work with advertisements for Key Design brand🇧🇷

The action was filed at the beginning of November, and, last Friday (18), it was decided to send the case to the Jabaquara Regional Forum. So far, the actor has not yet presented his defense, according to the São Paulo Court of Justice.

According to website On Off, the attendant would have positioned himself in front of the brand’s logo in a photo session and the actor would have been disrespectful when saying that he should leave the place. Matheus would have classified Castro’s conduct as aggressive and humiliating. wanted by F5the actor did not return until the completion of this text.

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