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The model Andressa Urach, 35was discharged last weekend after spend 20 days in a clinic psychiatric after a psychotic break🇧🇷 In a video shared on her YouTube channel, she appears leaving the place next to his mother, Marisete De Faveri🇧🇷

“Hi, guys. How are you? Look, I’m passing by after so long. I thank all of you who accompany us here always, my faithful followers who are always cheering and praying for me. I’m guided not to talk too much about everything what’s going on,” said the influencer.

“Medical recommendation, see girls? The doctor talked to me and this first week is relaxed, without social media, without talking too much, then when it passes, she will talk, she will talk, so I ask that you help us, respect us. treatment will be at home”, added his mother.

The news of the hospitalization became public on the 13th, when Thiago Lopes, Urach’s husband, shared a video stating that she was hospitalized after a “psychotic delirium” that would have put the life of her son, Leon, 9 months old, in jeopardy. risk.

On Monday (14), the model’s mother countered Lopes’ accusations and criticized her son-in-law’s attitude, who would have resolved the entire hospitalization without consulting Urach’s family. “It’s easy to say that she freaked out… It’s difficult for you to speak the truth!”, she said at the time.

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