Several years later Trackin, Billy Crawford returned to the front of the stage and aroused the emotion of the public. Indeed, to their surprise, fans learned that Lorie Pester’s ex was part of the cast of the new season of Dance with the stars. After several weeks of competition, the singer proved that he had lost none of his dancing skills and climbed to the final to face Stephane Legar and Carla Lazzari.

Unsurprisingly, he and Fauve Hautot won the well-deserved trophy. An experience that Billy Crawford will never forget but also TF1, who hit the nail on the head by calling on the artist who had disappeared from the radar for several years. Moreover, the success of his arrival seems to have given ideas to the first channel. In any case, this is what Isabelle Morini-Bosc suggested on the set of TPMP People this Saturday, November 19.

Coming soon tomorrow belongs to us Where Here it all starts

Indeed, the columnist of Matthieu Delormeau obtained information on a possible new collaboration between TF1 and Billy Crawford. Information that will delight viewers of the channel and in particular fans of the famous soap operas broadcast. “There is a fiction project. TF1 thinks with him”first let know the one who was stealing her place by Danielle Moreau on TPMP.

Before the show host takes the lead and lets go: “He should integrate here everything begins or Tomorrow belongs to us”. Something to surprise Natacha Amal, present on the set of TPMP People the same day. “It’s extremely fast anyway, because I had completely zapped his face”, noted the actress. However, according to Isabelle Morini-Bosc, this choice on the part of TF1 would allow the channel to “capitalize” his passage in the tele-hook of dance.

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