Alleged farderos and employees of Bodega Aurrerá fought in Xochimilco (@Gposiadeoficial)
Alleged farderos and employees of Bodega Aurrerá fought in Xochimilco (@Gposiadeoficial)

A fight between many people It was released through several videos shared on social networks in which employees of a self-service store were involved. Aurrera Winery and alleged farderos, who would have been found stealing items.

The altercation took place on the outskirts of a branch of Bodega Aurrerá located in Prolongation of the Northern Division and Guadalupe I. Ramírez5333, Potrero de San Bernardino, in Mexico City within the mayor’s office of xochimilco.

Although some neighborhood groups of the mayor’s office shared that the brawl occurred this Saturday night, the exact date and time in which they occurred is unknown. According to one of the videos, the lawsuit began when three people were removed from the interior of the establishment accompanied by security guards while uttering insults against the officers and onlookers.

Although the reason why they were taken outside is not explicitly clarified in the videos, it can be inferred that it was the attempted theft of items, since the employees designated them as “burglars” and “rats.”

It was about two women and one manwho already being in the parking lot, three other people join the group: two more women and another subject who resist being removed from the place and go with insults and threats to the employees of the self-service store.

“Wow, fucking rats, go to hell!”, several of the employees are heard exclaiming as they try to make them leave the alleged farderos. Among them is also a police officer who tries to keep the store employees and the alleged thieves calm so that they do not escalate the attacks.

However, as he got closer to the opposing group, the policeman gets hit in the face by one of those designated for stealing items. Which led to a pitched confrontation.

The group of people tries to flee, however, several of the employees manage to catch up with several of the supposed farderos and begin to pull each other to hold them.

One of the subjects, who is dressed in red sportswear in the video, is knocked down and the situation is taken advantage of by some members of the store who begin to kick him, while others try to separate them.

Seeing his companion in trouble, the three women try to help him hitting and screaming. In the end, the Aurrera employees leave while they ask the attackers to leave the place, who only respond with more insults.

The fight occurred outside a Bodega Aurrerá (Cuartoscuro)
The fight occurred outside a Bodega Aurrerá (Cuartoscuro)

But the matter did not end there, since while they were beginning to return to the interior of the establishment, one of the women from the group of alleged criminals began to violently shake some shopping carts and later she is seen beating a woman who was was by his side.

Regarding the event, the authorities have not issued any statement on the facts. It is also unknown if the people accused of stealing items from the store were detained by any authority.

In the same way, in another part of the capital, a man, presumably with nationality Americanstarred in a fight against an element of the Banking and Industrial Police (GDP) in streets of the mayor’s office Benito Juarez.

The alleged foreigner of approximately 30 years of age was carrying a sharp weapon in his hand, which he used to injure a policeman.


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