Tuesday November 15, Vincent Miclet released this message on social networks. “Monday morning after dropping my son off at American school, his mother Ayem Nour in complicity with his mother FARIDA took him from school without my consent and until the time I speak to you we have not no news from Ayvin A complaint has been lodged with the Moroccan authorities My son is on Moroccan soil, but I don’t know where… Anyone who can see or locate him, please let me know inform. Thank you”.

A message that provoked many reactions on the web … While the debates were fueling, Saturday, November 18, Matthieu Delormeau gave news of the columnist on the set of TPMP People. “I hope she will come back very soon, you know we talked about it in TPMP. For the moment she is stuck in Morocco with her son. happens to her. She is stranded in Morocco and as soon as the situation is unblocked we hope she will come back very quickly”he confided.

And this Sunday, November 19, the former reality TV candidate spoke in story to “wash her dirty laundry” publicly but also to denounce the “harassment, meanness, intimidation” that her ex uses in order to “destabilize” her, and to “to hurt”to her and her son. “Strange attitude…For a so-called loving dad, well done for the safety of our child, beautiful mentality”she concluded.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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