Revealed to the general public in the 90s, Les Inconnus continues to be in the hearts of the French more than ever. Proof of this is that on Monday November 14, TF1 scheduled a special evening dedicated to the mythical trio of comedians. In this fiction, Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légimitus and Bernard Campan, interpreted their own role and found themselves immersed in a life of anonymity while other comedians played their cult sketches. The result was clearly not up to the public who went wild on social networks to torpedo this program.

But Friday, November 18, it is to evoke a much darker remark that one of the Unknowns was invited to the program “Un monde, un regard” by Public Sénat. The actor Pascal Légitimus notably returned to the acts of racism of which he was the victim when he was a child. “When you have 200 cotton swabs in a school yard and a catechu, you only see the catechou. In the 1970s, it was hot all the same, I think that there are many children who were poorly educated. Me, they burned my clothes. I was pissed on, I was hit. I’ve been through a lot”, unveiled the artist of Armenian and Caribbean origin. He also related another incredible anecdote: “About ten years ago at a red light, there was a guy who almost ran over me. He said ‘dirty Arab’ to me and rushed past. I laughed. People asked me why I was laughing. I told them: ‘Already I’m not Arab and I’m not dirty, I took a shower this morning. The guy doesn’t know me so it’s on an appearance that he criticized me”he said.

This racism also pursued him in his career as an actor, as he also confided:“All my life I received scenarios where it was marked ‘black’, ‘African’, ‘scum’, ‘taxi driver’ but I said: ‘I want to play the role of the doctor or the lawyer ‘”, he explained. But thanks to the benevolent education he received, the friend of Didier Bourdon and Bernard Campan said he knew how to manage all these delicate situations which could have led him on another path. “If I had been angry and angry, I wouldn’t be here today. I would have foughtI would have become a thug to take revengehe analyzed.

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