From our Special Envoy in Doha,

Less than twenty-four hours after the announcement of the Ballon d’or del pueblo package, we were obviously curious to see how the group had reacted to the news. Not well, of course, but still? Present at a press conference late Sunday afternoon, Ibrahima Konaté was the first to be able to give us the pulse. “I didn’t see him go out during training, it was during the game,” said the Liverpool player. Afterwards he had to do exams, but it was late and we all went to bed. We heard the news the next morning (Sunday). It hurts but our goal does not change. We have a match that is coming very quickly and, if we dwell on it, it could be complicated. »

Even his banjo on the side of Eduardo Camavinga, his teammate at Real Madrid, even if he nevertheless learned the news a little earlier than the heavy sleeper from Liverpool. “We knew in the evening that he was unavailable but he couldn’t tell us because he left very early this morning. I got him after by messages, he was disappointed not to be able to compete in this competition. It’s a tough blow but we have a lot of good players and we will fight for all those who didn’t have the chance to come. The players therefore opted for pragmatism, which seems to be the best way to take it. The Mondial does not stop there and even if everyone is affected, there is no time for feelings.

A bull, chambering and smiles

An hour later, during training open entirely to the press, the players appeared smiling. Beaten in the race by Bip Bip Coman, Griezmann laughs, letting go of a little “Haaaaa enc…! “. It’s fair game. During the pass workshops carried out in small groups of five, Didier Deschamps and Guy Stéphan wander from one group to another to distribute the good points. Especially in the direction of those called to bench during the competition. “Yeah William, tac, like that, on the ground! “Launches DD to Saliba, the central defender of Arsenal. “Good Jordan, that’s clean,” he told Veretout. “Don’t worry, Marcus (Thuram), I see you even if my back is turned,” he laughs.

As expected, our presence and our sly eyes prevented them from having a proper session, with opposition at eleven against eleven between the substitutes and the starters on Tuesday. It was more of a recreational session, with a giant bull during which laughter and chambering were in order. Harmless at first glance, this kind of exercise allows everyone to let go a little and create a bond.

The statutes are set aside, like Captain Hugo Lloris chambered by the little youngsters when slamming ten pumps in the middle of the troop. The session ended with a knockout session, with Mandanda and Areola playing the role of scapegoat. In this little game, Olivier Giroud has chained some beautiful pancakes in the skylight. “He is freed from a weight, we hold our number 9”, laughs a colleague. No comments.

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