Spain’s Felix Sanchez, coach of the Qatari national football team, acknowledged the strength of the Ecuadorian national team and the difficulty of competing with it, but at the same time stressed the readiness of Qatar’s Annabi and his great ambition to make a strong start and go far in the 2022 World Cup held at home.

The competitions of the twenty-second edition of the World Cup will open on Sunday, against the Qatari and Ecuadorian national teams, at Al-Bayt Stadium in Al-Khor city, to be the beginning of the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East and the Arab world.

Sanchez said during the press conference held today to talk about the match: Of course, the match will be exceptional, especially for us. I am talking about a World Cup match, and this is something exceptional, and we want to make the fans happy.

He added: We will present a great show and there are great aspirations to perform well within this joyful football and sports event here on the land of Qatar. There are great expectations for us and we are aware of the responsibilities entrusted to us and aware of our level and the levels of competitors, and we will do our best with high competitiveness against the teams that compete with us. In the group, they are high-level teams and we know that they are great challenges for us, but as you know, we have huge ambitions and we are happy to be here.

Regarding the nominations for the opening match, Sanchez said: Our first competitor is the Ecuador national team, which is a strong team and qualified in a distinguished way from the South American qualifiers. They performed well and I think everyone would like to go far in this competition.

He added: We have a team that has done a tremendous job during the last period, and there are great expectations here inside the country, and I believe that reaching the World Cup and participating in this event constitutes a great morale boost.

And Sanchez continued: We know that the Ecuadorian national team will be a stubborn opponent because it has high techniques and has professional players in the best European clubs, it has a lot of potential, and we will definitely do everything we can to make a great show in front of them, because we have high techniques and we deserve to be here, we will do everything we can to reach Away and we will face Ecuador peer to peer, although the Ecuadorian national team is the favorite on paper.

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