Leader of the Lima Family group and husband of sandy, Lucas Lima Desabafou against the lack of education of the singer and friends to treat him with interest just to get closer to the singer. In his social network, he admitted discomfort and cited embarrassing situations for the quais passed.

“I love to see and to receive the love that you have for my wife […] But I really wanted people to understand that I’m not Sandy. It’s very uncomfortable to hear things like ‘oh, I’ve found you in Sandy for a table’ or ‘this is closer to Sandy than I’ve ever seen’ or I was infamous ‘obliged by the photo, but I wanted the same with Sandy’”, Write to the musician on Instagram.

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“That year I lost friends that I considered real friends because I didn’t invite you to the Sandy show. Olha isso: not from the Lima Family, from Sandy! As fosse um show meu para convidar!”, continued Lucas.

“Well, you can tell me how ‘you’ liked her, how she was important to you, acho isso cute and it really excites me, too. But “now” respect and think with love that “you” are talking and dealing with a person, not an extension of your idol. With a little bit of attention and care super da ”, she finished.

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