33rd : Nooooooo, how naive is this pass from Valentini, intercepted, and who shoots a counter-attack which would have allowed the Blues to regain the advantage (13-13).

31st : Here we go againiiiiiiiii, go there! After 6 stops in the first period, Cléopâtre Darleux gives way a little to Floriane André in order to start again.

30th: Grbic allows Montenegro to take the lead at the break

Alala, that’s not possible! Too wait-and-see defensively on this one, the Habs let Grbic try a last long shot. And the Montenegrin player hits the mark in a rather incredible way at the buzzer. 13-12 not illogical for this aggressive team, which we find more transcended by the stakes than our Blues, especially on the balls that are lying around.

29th : The luluuuuuuuuuuuu of phew for Estelle Nze Minko to offer the advantage to the Blue (11-12), while half-time approaches.

28th: ​​France still in check on a lob attempt against the giant Marta Batinovic. This time, it is the Krumbholz gang who are outnumbered, so the Montenegrin goalkeeper takes the opportunity to shoot directly into the French goal abandoned by Darleux, but she finds the post. Still 11-11 therefore, and not unhappy Bleues!

26th : If we could have a mini doubt on the importance given by the two teams to this match for the quest for a bronze medal, damn it, the faces of the Montenegrin players in a trance during the time out there, that’s something .

25th : And biiiiim, 2 minutes again, this time for Pavicevic, who cut off the tricolor counter-attack launched by Lucie Granier with far too much aggression, after a nice interception on the spot (11-10).

22nd : Waaaaah this attack in good and due form on Laura Flippes, who somehow manages to register the “and one” (how are we more orange ball than ball that sticks?). Still 10-9 for the Montenegrins, but they find themselves outnumbered for the third time in the game.

20th: The Montenegrin defense is simply monstrous there to cut off a pass to winger Lucie Granier. The atmosphere seems to transcend the Balkan players (10-8).

17th : Interesting this new temporary exclusion of Brnovic, who went up very high to put crazy pressure on Orlane Kanor. It fits well on this one, but the intensity is clearly Montenegrin so far (8-7).

15th : Ouch, Montenegro regains the lead for the first time since Grbic’s initial goal at 1-0 (7-6).

13th : And 6 out of 7 on shots for the French with this last goal from Grace Zaadi, it’s clean ladies (5-6).

10th: Aaaaaaah these ball losses…

Big black spot in these first ten minutes on the French side: the four balls lost in attack, but Lucie Granier still allows the Blues to regain the advantage (4-5).

9th : And hop, 2 minutes for Brnovic for a foul on Zaadi, and Valentini is effective to regain a two-goal lead (2-4).

7th : Ohoh the crazy counter-attack of Estelle Nze Minko, who attacks her match very well, like the whole French team (1-3).

5th: Cléopâtre Darleux already “on fire”

Two big consecutive parades for the tricolor goalkeeper, and Laura Flippes allows France to pass (1-2).

2nd : And hop, great job from Nze Minko who shifts Valentini on the wing, and French equalizer (1-1).

1st : Montenegro takes the lead thanks to Grbic (1-0).

5:46 p.m .: It’s goiiiiiiiii, come on, go for the bronze ladies!

5:44 p.m. : And hop, the Marseillaise has just sounded, we feel the France team extremely concentrated in this pre-game. It won’t take long to start.

5:43 p.m. : Enooooooorme atmosphere put by the Montenegrin supporters, but the Blue ones are clearly accustomed to having the crowd against them in this competition.

5:41 p.m. : This will be the very last match in the Montenegrin jersey of right winger Jovanka Radicevic (36), an absolute icon of the selection.

5:37 p.m. : Note that during the group phase of this Euro, the tricolor players largely dominated Montenegro (27-19) in Skopje. Suffice to say that a defeat tonight for our Blues would be a big disappointment… We listen to coach Krumbholz.

5:35 p.m. : Unsurprisingly, France will leave with the same starting team this afternoon against Montenegro.

5:30 p.m .: Hellooooooo people, we find ourselves as planned 15 minutes from this match for third place in Euro 2022. Objective bronze medal for the Blue! It would remain a disappointment in view of these first two laps perfectly mastered, but it would still be a nice consolation prize for the band of Olivier Krumbholz.

8:00 a.m.: Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

It’s the big day for the official opening of the FIFA World Cup, but there’s more to sport than that. This is why we are together to follow this small final of the Euro 2022 women’s handball between the France team and Montenegro. To finish their adventure on the podium, this Sunday (5:45 p.m.) in Ljubljana (Slovenia) the daughters of Olivier Krumbholz must redeem themselves after the slap received in the semi-final against Norway (20-28), their pet peeve. The tricolor coach has warned: it will be necessary to regain offensive efficiency so as not to relive the same disappointment as on Friday. Third place depends on it.

See you around 5:30 p.m. to follow this little final together, friends.

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