In 2017, Faustine Bollaert left the M6 ​​group to find that of France Télévisions on which she had started on the small screen. On August 28, 2017, the one who was revealed alongside Michel Drucker made her grand premiere at the controls of France 2’s daily testimonial show, “It starts today”. A program that has gradually imposed itself over time by finding its cruising speed and achieving audience records.

But if all goes well for Faustine Bollaert, who spins the perfect love with the novelist Maxime Chattam, the sometimes heavy and traumatic testimonies that she receives on her set can be harmful to her mental health. Guest on Saturday of Léa Salamé’s show “Quelle époque!”, Faustine Bollaert revealed that she was consulting a psychologist in order to be supported. “People don’t give a damn on this show how I get this information. There are things sometimes that echo my own life, but I’m not going to interrupt the person and say, ‘oh yeah, I also worry about my daughter for my daughter. People don’t care. But I need, behind, to go tell me to exorcise certain things. It impacts me, and I think that it is necessary really a sports discipline to precisely be in total communion with my guests when I am with them, but you have to come out behind it”she clarified.

The 43-year-old host had already recently confided in the impact of this program in an interview with Cine TV magazine. “I am no longer the same as ten years ago. These meetings have built the woman and the mother that I am. I am a more anxious mother than the others because I speak more regularly about suicides of young people, bullying at school, childhood illnesses. And at the same time, I am an ear for great stories which makes me more optimistic about human nature. I see that even from the worst, we can get up. This show shapes me, it shapes me and my guests and I hope that makes me a better person. This program made me grow and always makes me curious about others”, she had related.

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