look right away the winning combination of the Chispazo raffle on November 20released by Forecasts for Public Assistance.

Protect your ticket well, it is very valuable because it is the official proof to claim the money in case you win, keep it in a safe place and try not to spoil it.

Remember that you only have 60 calendar days, counted from the day after the corresponding contest is held, to collect your prize. Once said period expires, the right to collect the prize will have expired and its final destination will be the Treasury of the Federation for the benefit of Public Assistance.

All prizes are paid in national currency and in the terms established on the back of the ticket as well as the rules of the draw or in question. Forecasts For Public Assistance will withhold the tax in accordance with the provisions of article 163 of the Income Tax Law.

The winning combination of draw 9463 of Chispazo is: 02, 03, 11, 13 and 22.

On this occasion the National Lottery for Public Assistance delivered a total of $663,709.12 pesos in the Chispazo raffle.

If you want watch live draws of each of the prizes made by Prognostics of the National Lottery, enter this link.

Chispazo makes two draws a day, from Monday to Sundayso you can sign up for the following editions: Spark of the Threewhich is done at 3:00 in the afternoon and Classic Sparklewhich takes place at 9:00 p.m.

if you want to know the detailed list of the winners of the Chispazo raffle enter here, where you can see the number of winners and the amounts delivered. While in this link you will find each historic raffle winners.

How to play Spark?


To play Chispazo you have to buy the steering wheel for 10 pesoswhich has five boxes of 28 numbers each, so you can do different combinations. You have to choose the numbers you want to play for.

You can also tell your Forecasting agent to enter the numbers for you into the system without using the wheel.

If you prefer to leave everything to chance, ask your Forecasting agent for a Chispático, the system will choose the numbers randomly for you.

An urn will randomly draw the spheres with their corresponding numbers. ​To win, the numbers should match the ones you chose,minimum with two, if more match, the greater the prize.

If there are no winners for first place in a raffle, the bag is distributed among the second place winners, if the second place does not get any winners either, the bag is distributed among the third place winners and so on.


What is the National Lottery?

The National Lottery for Public Assistance is a decentralized institute of the Federal Public Administration that is in charge of holding raffles with cash prizes..

The resources are destined to public assistancethat is, to capture money for the federal government and that is redirected to procure equality for those Mexicans, the possibility of satisfying their urgent needs by themselves.

The National Lottery has legal personality and its own assets, because it does not receive budgetary resources from the Federal Government, it is self-financing with the profits from the draws it carries out.

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