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O streamer Casimiro Miguel he couldn’t sit still and danced when the song “Waka, Waka” by Shakira began to play at the opening of Qatar World Cup, this Sunday (20). During the ceremony, official songs from previous World Cups were played, such as the one by the Colombian singer released 12 years ago for the Africa Cup.

Internet users commented on the excerpt from the video coverage of the World Cup broadcast by the Cazé TV channel, on YouTube, which was shared on Twitter. “‘Waka Waka’ should be the anthem of all World Cups! There’s no better song,” tweeted one netizen.

“I want to live in the video of Cazé dancing ‘Waka Waka’. If I was sad, I don’t remember”, commented a woman. “Look at the man’s swing”, writes an Internet user. “Cazé dancing ‘Waka Waka’ just made my day better”, said one user of the social network.

Other netizens joked that the streamer is happy because he postponed the wedding – he tested positive for Covid-19🇧🇷 “Happy guy who is not getting married today,” commented one person. “Casimiro running from the wedding to dance ‘Waka, waka'”, tweeted an internet user.

Internet users have criticized the official music of the World Cup in Qatar on social networks and compared it to “Waka, Waka”, released 12 years ago as an African Cup song🇧🇷 On Saturday, the song entered the most commented subjects on Twitter with netizens choosing Shakira’s song as the best of all Cups.

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