Bradley Cooper will star in the new version of the hit 1968 thriller, ‘Bullitt’and directed by the incomparable, Steven Spielberg.

cooper what He has won 66 awards in his role as a filmmaker and musician, and has been nominated on 218 other occasions.will be part of this new crime thriller, based on the classic film of the same name.

Bradley Cooper

According to the American media Deadline, the production will not be a remake, but a reinvention that Spielberg himself will do. The actor, together with the film producer, Kristie Macosko Krieger will participate together with the renowned director in the production of the film.

The script for the action film, produced by Warner Bros., will be in charge of Josh Singer.

Bradley Cooper

Bullitt, the successful film that won the Oscar

Bullitt, released in 1968, won an Oscar for Best Editing, received rave reviews and generated more than 42 million dollars with a budget of 4 million.

The original story is about a policeman who investigates the murder of a protected witness by the mafia.

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