We are used to the great private unpackings of Benoit Dubois! The former hairdresser who became famous since his remarkable participation in “Secret Story” in 2010 has now become a TV presenter and columnist. In particular since 2018 on the show “TPMP People”, hosted by his great friend Matthieu Delormeau, whom he has known since the days of NRJ12. And each week on the C8 set is worth its weight in revelations! We remember, for example, his addiction to cosmetic surgery, which he confessed on September 24: “I love surgery, I don’t hide it. I started surgery very young because I have been confronted with my reflection since I was 21, I see myself on the networks, in the press, in the media, I see myself aging (…) I have a real problem with the passage of time”, he confided then, before adding: “Every time, I say to my surgeon, I do not hide it: ‘Make me younger, I want an Apollon jaw and little baby cheeks’, and he does it to me. I redid my nose, I did a lot of things (…) I ask to always look younger… We all do coquetry”, he affirmed. Later, on October 15, he dropped live to receive intimate photos of celebrities: “There are people from the media who send me their ‘d *** pics, their photos of private parts, of penises. (…) animators, people in politics and I tell them: ‘luckily I’m corticised because I could throw the sauce… So I think it could damage my career too to disclose these photos .”

Our child will be beautiful “because she is very beautiful!”

The 32-year-old columnist, although officially single, admits to finally wanting to settle down. Thinking about starting a family… Benoit Dubois dreams of having children! “Yes, I would love to be a dad, but I have to go through the GPA, it’s a minimum of 130,000 euros, a fairly large budget…”, he confessed recently during an interview granted to “Télé Loisirs”. But exit the GPA. Today, the columnist has a simpler idea… and much more romantic. He has indeed revealed to our colleagues that he wants to have a child with one of his friends, with whom he shares the cast of the series “The Mysteries of Love”! “It’s funny because I can’t stop taunting Angèle Vivier (Aurélie in The Mysteries of Love, editor’s note), because she would like to have a second child. With his spouse, they must discuss it. And she told me that if time ran too short after her second child and well we would have a child together, she would be my surrogate and we would have the child 50/50, and we would both have what we wanna ! In addition, he will be beautiful because she is very beautiful!”, declared the young man who plays Victor Sanchez in the sitcom… who is used to proposing this kind of “happenings” in his scenarios and above all, hopefully. the, from “Happy End”.

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