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on the eve of Qatar World Cupthe song “Waka Waka” (This is Africa), by the singer Shakira, entered the most commented topics on Twitter. Internet users shared the clip and recalled that 12 years ago the artist released the official song of Cup from Africa.

“Twelve years ago, Shakira released the biggest song of the World Cup, with her anthem “Waka Waka”, tweeted a user of the social network, who shared the music video. “No song from the World Cup will surpass “Waka Waka””, wrote an Internet user on the social network.

Fans of the singer also chose the song as the best of all Copas. “It’s World Cup season and this is a reminder that Shakira made the best World Cup song ever,” tweeted one fan. “Wow, you can make hundreds of World Cup songs but none of them will come close to ‘Waka Waka’…Shakira you know you will always be the biggest of the World Cups!”

This year, Shakira declined the invitation to participate in the opening of the Cup without giving details, according to journalist Adriana Dorronsoro, from “El programa de Ana Rosa”, on Spanish TV. Sources close to Shakira hinted that she may participate in other actions linked to the World Cup.

The singers Dua Lipa and Rod Stewart join the list of celebrities who want to stay away from the event. Qatar has been criticized worldwide for its human rights policy. humans🇧🇷 The country’s legislation, based on the Koran, considers homosexuality illegal and threatens with arrests for those who disobey the law.

Information from the British newspaper The Guardian also guarantees that thousands of immigrant workers died in the works for the 2022 World Cup. According to the vehicle, the immigrants were from countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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