At 63, Patrick Bruel released his new album entitled “Encore une fois”. A new opus in which the singer evokes many themes such as illness or drugs. As in the song “La chance de pas” in which he recounts having managed to avoid falling into the trap offered to him by his life as an artist. ” I was also lucky not to resent it when it was offered to me. There have always been drugs around me. To avoid having to resist the temptation, I just never started “, he explains in the pages of Cine TV Review.

The opportunity also for Oscar’s dad to tell how he treated the subject with his eldest son. “When they arrived in Los Angeles, I explained to my eldest, Oscar, that he was going to be confronted with drugs. That it was probably going to be complicated not to be tempted“, says Patrick Bruel. Before continuing: I told him: “If you arrive, hats off. But if you can’t, at the first second, come talk to me about it and we’ll discuss it, I’ll help you. Above all, do not cut the link. And so far everything is fine !”

Determined to keep in shape at 63, the singer also took the opportunity to confide that he had managed to lose weight before the release of his new opus. “There, I lost 7 kg. I did a wellness, sport, a big fitness, with a whole nutritional program. And above all, I stuck to it afterwards. I did not fall back as usual. As long as I can play football with my children and do three-hour concerts, it’s fine.”, he confessed.

In his new album, Patrick Bruel also addresses the theme of illness and more specifically cancer, in the song “Lettre à la con”. “We have all experienced cancer directly or indirectly. Through my job, I have met sick children, through associations“, he said in an exchange with the readers of the Parisian.


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