Thyane Dantas, Wesley Safadão’s wife, turned to Instagram to speak out about the controversy with Raimunda, a domestic worker who works in her house. Isso because an influencer falou that a woman has been a “presente de sua mãe”. With this, she began to be criticized a lot on the networks.

“It is very challenging to perceive our feelings and intentions of falsehood judged by what is very distant and affirming with conviction what is not within us to understand. But, knowing the legitimacy of the cause raised, I forgive those who suffered so much from this setback”, began Thyane.

“I decided. then I pronounce myself affirming that: Raimunda is one of the most important memories of love, care and trust since childhood. She has always been and always will be someone with whom I have a deep bond of respect, appreciation and affection, but I am mistaken in using a word that has now been totally decontextualized to create a legitimate guideline, but with a wrong story”, the influencer continued.

In the sequence, the woman from Safadão regrets the judging of the internet. “This environment of hate raised on the internet scares, scares and kills. I deeply regret the reality that so many of us live and suffer due to structural conditions and I never want to be part of anything that does not dignify my loved ones, ”she said.

Finally, the influencer was desabafou and highlighted the family environment. “My intention to speak was based on the immense love and affection that we nurture between us in a safe and free family environment from evil always repercussive because of the fact that legitimate debates cause personal attacks and, likewise, encourage aggression and gratuitous and disproportionate offenses! Raimunda, I love you always”, completed Thyane.

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