Manchester City star Bernardo Silva reassured that the atmosphere was “excellent” in the Portuguese national team on the eve of the start of the Qatar World Cup, despite the controversy caused by captain Cristiano Ronaldo’s criticism of his Manchester United team and Dutch coach Erik ten Hag.

Questions poured in on Bernardo Silva about Ronaldo, who seems to be on his way to separating from the “Red Devils”, but the Manchester City midfielder refused to indulge in answering these questions, stressing that his colleague, the best player in the world five times, is focused and motivated.

Silva said: The news coming from England has nothing to do with the national team. It also does not concern me personally, and therefore I will not comment on it. I’m not a Manchester United player, and even if I was, I wouldn’t answer. They’re an opponent team (his City team), and it’s none of my business.

And with the insistence of journalists on the topic of Ronaldo and the question whether this issue affects the atmosphere in the Portuguese national team, especially in light of the video clip that was recently circulated about a cold handshake between the “Don” and his colleague in the “Red Devils” Bruno Fernandez, Silva replied: I do not see any Strange atmosphere in our team between Cristiano and any other player.

He stressed: It is a matter related to him (Ronaldo) and he has to solve it individually with the right person. I see Ronaldo motivated and focused, like everyone else, and he is another player here to help our country and the national team.

And he added: There is a lot of talk on this subject, but there is a World Cup waiting for us to fight it. I don’t understand the insistence because there is nothing (negative vibe) there.

Portugal excelled in its recent friendly victory over Nigeria, 4-1, in the absence of Ronaldo.

Silva saw naturally that the team would do well without Ronaldo, adding: It is clear that he is part of the team, but when he is not around we know how to respond. When he’s not there, we respond well. we are ready.

And consider that: There are 26 (players) of us, and it does not matter whether it is one person or another (playing).

Ronaldo is making his fifth participation in the 2016 European Champions’ World Cup against Ghana on Thursday in Group H, before facing Uruguay and South Korea.

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