to funkeira MC Loma He made an unusual revelation during the Podpah podcast. Next to the lacração twins, Mariely and Mirell Santos, the singer affirmed that she used a calcinha to conquer an old lover.

Loma said that he had the idea of ​​winning over an old lover using a calcinha, to pour water into a flake.

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“She already fez sympathy too. She hit a calcinha and placed a dirty one. Suco de ‘priquita’”, they will tell the twins the lacração.

Loma said that the idea was that people drink the water and be appeased by it: “I took a bath, put the calcinha and after a half hour I came to my house. That’s when I asked for water, I went to the kitchen and asked Mariely to stop at the door of the kitchen in case I saw the kitchen. Enchi um copo, peguei a calcinha e fiz de coador e dei pra é tomar.”

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