Like deja vu? Friday, November 18, the NRJ Music Awards sat enthroned on TF1 with at the helm, not Nikos Aliagas but Camille Combal. The evening ended shortly before 1 a.m. with the victory of Matt Pokora. The singer won ahead of Kendji Girac, Big Flo and Oli, Clara Luciani and Aya Nakamura to win the Francophone Song of the Year.

The interpreter of Quickdrawplaced behind the darling of Christina Milian, was seen by Internet users bursting out laughing. “I think we all reacted like Aya when he announced that Matt Pokora had won…”remarked one of them. “Aya nakamura, the girl who got beaten twice by Matt Pokora, well yeah my beautiful it’s useless to get naked on TV to win. You will never be able to compete, we are a loyal audience”, “L’ Aya’s attitude to Matt Pokora’s victory is one of the many reasons she is snubbed in France”, “Mais Ayaher laughter finished me off, she didn’t even hold back, I love her too much”could we read in the comments.

I didn’t expect my audience to be awake again at this hour to go wild over the number, so thank you very much. You are always there, it’s the most beautiful story”, said the record holder for NMA victories during his speech.

As a reminder, the two artists had a big dispute in 2020 after Matt Pokora’s victory at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2020. “He won for what sounds? Nothing against him but he is not in the top 10”, she said on Twitter at the time. In reaction, the ex-member of Linkup had said in TPMP. “Where she makes a mistake is when she talks about top 10. The streaming top 10, I’m not in it. On the other hand, the physical top 10, I’m in it, and the top 10 of tour filler , I’ve been there for 17 years…”.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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