The controversial former participant of Big Brother, Juan Reverdito, continues to cause mixed opinions about his personality. Who joined the criticism against the taxi driver, is Marcela Tauro. In the program intruders They were debating about the interview that the former little brother gave in LAM, when the paddler fired with thick ammunition.

The journalist Maite Peñoñori began the wave of criticism by assuring that the former participant will not be able to reverse his image, even if he entered the house thousands of times. Taurus joined and stated that initially, Juan He liked her because of her life story. Later, he could not avoid his disappointment and criticized the taxi driver’s position in his participation in LAM. “I saw him yesterday in LAM and the truth is that there is something that does not reach me, I do not believe him. It seems to me that he is selling us a verse” Tauro asserted with some disappointment.

After his departure from reality, Juan Reverdito said in several programs, including LAM, that he was sorry for his way of playing within Big Brother. And he maintained on several occasions that if he re-enters the house, he would look for a way to reverse his image. Something that Marcela Taurus and Maite Peñoñori do not believe the taxi driver.

Marcela Tauro is very aware of what happens on the Big Brother reality show, both inside and outside the house. A few days ago, revealed an intern among the panelists of the GH debate. She affirmed that Laura Ubfal and the former participant Gastón Trezeguet have a bad relationship. “They get along very badly,” said the journalist.

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