The singer looked uncomfortable at the end of the interview that was about the World Cup song, in which he participates.  Photo: Screenshot.
The singer looked uncomfortable at the end of the interview that was about the World Cup song, in which he participates. Photo: Screenshot.

Maluma has been in the news in recent hours, but not for the release of the official song for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, in which he participates, but for having abandoned an interview with the Israeli channel Kan after being asked his opinion regarding the denunciations of human rights violations that were presented during the works for the biggest soccer tournament.

The awkward moment occurred when the journalist Moav Vardi, who was conducting the interview, asked the pretty boy What do you think about artists like Dua Lipa and her compatriot, Shakira, refusing to participate in World Cup events due to complaints of human rights violations?

“You know what I should ask you, Shakira and Dua Lipa refused to take part in this world cup due to the bad Qatari record in terms of human rights and obviously people think, Maluma, do you have problems with the violation of human rights? of this country?” Vardi asked Maluma,

To this the singer of 4 babies answered:

“Yes, but it’s something I can’t solve. I only came here to enjoy life, enjoy football and the football party. It’s not something I really have to get involved in. I am here enjoying my music and the beautiful life, playing soccer too,” she said.

Given this response, Vardi he counter-asked Maluma if he understood why people might have problems with his answer and if the presence of the Colombian star was helping the regime of Qatar to cover up the situation.

The question bothered the paisa, who, looking at his team, who was off camera, said: “Do I have to answer that question?”, to which they answered no, so he stood up and left the interview .

The full video can be seen below:

Maluma He has already arrived in Qatar to finally be part of the artists who will be animating the most important soccer event that will start this coming November 20 in the Arab country. The Colombian has been strongly criticized by many of his followers for not rejecting the invitation of the FIFAHowever, in an interview he gave his arguments for not doing it.

The urban artist commented, in an interview for the program ‘Buen día Colombia’ by RCN Televisión, what was his greatest motivation to be in the tournament:

“Everyone has their opinion, everyone has their way of thinking. For me being here is very important, I dreamed of this all my life. Being part of the official FIFA song for a World Cup, today is a reality… I dreamed and today it is happening to me”.

In the same television note, Maluma commented that he is a sports fan and recalled his time as a footballer with Atlético Nacional and Equidad.

“Since I was a child I played soccer for Nacional and Equidad, it means a lot to be here,” he later commented with a laugh: “I always had Juanfer Quintero as an opponent, the worst opponent I could have had, I remember Mateus Uribe … today I admire them more than they can admire me”.


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