or influencer Lucas Guimaraes give more details about the alleged confusion with the hostess anna hickman. Or ex-husband of Carlinhos Maia He affirmed that the model, in fact, blocked his social networks, despite the Record TV contract denying the information.

Guys, Ana Hickmann has really blocked me. But she sent me an audio saying that this never happened”, he began, in an interview with the PodCARAS podcast.

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The host of PodCats still says that Ana Hickman was nice to explain the situation:

“Something happened. But she was so affectionate. So nice. She said that she had no reason to block me, she had no reason to, because she only blocked flat people. She said ‘you’re long to be a flat person’”.

Lucas said that he was unable to follow Hickman in his official account, just in the reserve and, therefore, he proves that he has been blocked: “There, her husband is cement and he has already blocked some people for ciume. So what could have happened to you is that since he commented a lot on her things, he blocked him. Acho que fui esso que aconteceu. Ou no sei se fue un bug do Instagram.”

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