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Who is the official choreographer of the Brazilian team? Who is the attacker who hates food with onions? Who got engaged before embarking on the start of preparations for the World Cup in Qatar? Who is the father of twins? These are some curiosities behind the scenes of the Brazilian Team, arriving in Doha this Saturday (19) por around midnight local time (6 pm in Brazil), according to the Brazilian Football Confederation. The debut of the team led by Neymar and vinicius junior will be against Serbia, on Thursday (24) and the fans are already big for the sixth championship. But, before the competition even starts, how about finding out more about the players?

Peter: the groom
On the day of the final call-up for the Brazilian national team, Pedro Guilherme took his girlfriend, Fernanda Nogueira, by surprise and asked her to marry him after a year of dating. The psychologist accepted and did not hide her emotion and religiosity. “I believe it was a day set apart by God and it touched Pedro’s heart to be even more special,” she said. Even before leaving for Turin, the first stop of the national team before landing in Doha, Qatar, the red-black striker bleached his hair in a salon in Méier, a suburb of Rio.

Rodrygo: father of twins
It’s not just defender Éder Militão who has problems with his ex-girlfriend. Pamella Souza says striker Rodrygo Goes, father of twins Rayan and Ravy, refuses to financially support the heirs. But there are news that he pays 20 monthly minimum wages, a little over R$ 24 thousand, in child support. Much more than his Real Madrid teammate and the Brazilian national team. Militão made a recent agreement with Karoline Lima and committed to paying BRL 7,272 per month for his daughter, Cecília.

Antony: food without onions
Antony is 22 years old and recently became the 13th most expensive player in football history when he was bought by English club Manchester United from Dutch team Ajax for €100 million. But, the boy continues with the simple habits of watching Brazilian soap operas and playing videogames during his breaks. Another thing he doesn’t give up is eating beans, rice, steak and fries. The attacker does not eat onions at all. “I hate it. If I taste onions, I don’t eat anymore.” The chef de cuisine of the Brazilian delegation will have work.

Vinicius Júnior: the advertising champion
Vinicius Júnior’s bank account, which was already quite large with the pompous salary from Real Madrid, got even bigger on the eve of the Qatar Cup. The striker is champion of advertisements in the Brazilian national team with 12 personal sponsorships surpassing Neymar and Tite. Vain, the player loves expensive perfumes, cream to moisturize the skin after training and even cuts his hair every week. He says it’s to look better on television. Oh! The guy swears up and down that he’s single.

Neymar: the love for tattoos
Neymar does not speak openly how many tattoos he has spread across his body. There are more than 30, but the exact number, even he doesn’t know for sure. In addition to some character designs and tribal elements, it sports phrases such as “Everything passes”, “‘May God bless and protect me”, “Every weapon, every tongue, the ball that is yours, that is not yours” and ” Giant by nature”. It remains to be seen whether there is still room for a tribute to the sixth championship, if Brazil wins the Qatar Cup, right?

Lucas Paquetá: official choreographer
As a child, Lucas Paquetá had two passions: the ball and dancing. So much so that if he wasn’t a player, he would tell his parents that he would be a dancer. Destiny made him start in Flamengo’s base categories and from there fly high to the world. Currently, the midfielder defends the colors of the English club West Ham, but he is the official choreographer of the Brazilian national team. Paquetá is the one who creates the little steps for the goal celebrations with the endorsement of Vinícius Júnior and Neymar. In addition to dancing, the player loves to fly kites. He even had surgery recently after a deep cut on his thumb from the toy line. Paquetá underwent surgery to “avoid any movement problems in the future”.

Richarlison: no patience for collections
One of the few players on the national team who takes a stand on controversial issues on the networks, such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, against the fires in the Amazon, the electricity crisis in Amapá and hunger in Brazil, Richarlison does not like to be called out. The attacker was disgusted to be put on the wall by Sandri Oliveira to publicly assume a relationship. Pombo even gave the model a red card. “I tried dating and the girl kept demanding me. I don’t like being charged. I left her talking to herself”, he said, without naming his ex, on Canal Ronaldo TV, on Youtube.

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