Summonses to the principal’s office are rarely a good sign at school… And it’s the same at “Star Academy”! The proof, Thursday, November 17, 202, an academician experienced it at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. Summoned by Michael Goldman, Léa had her suspenders shown off by the director of tele-hook! The reason ? His lack of involvement and especially his absences from the sports course given by coach Joe.

“For us, it’s important that you follow all the courses. It’s a gift, maybe you’ll realize that later. We are not putting your health at risk and we never will. You have no excuse. If you don’t make the effort that others do, I assure you that people will not forgive you. One accomplishes oneself in the effort”, Michael Goldman threw at him before referring to his illustrious father Jean-Jacques Goldman: “My dad always explained to me that what is interesting in sport itself is the shower afterwards. The course is horrible, it’s hard, but when you finish it you say to yourself ‘damn, I did it'”, he explained to her.

Nominated alongside Chris, Tiana, Enola and Anisha this week, Léa did not convince the teachers and the director during the evaluations. “I don’t even know what I saw. She kills me with laughter but I laughed because it sucked. It was really bad”, had also lamented the dance teacher Yanis Marshall! Let’s hope for the optician that the premium goes better on Saturday November 19!

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