German soccer player Youssoufa Moukoko expressed, on Saturday, his hope that his birthday gift would be to get the three points in the German national team’s first match in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

On Sunday, Mokoko celebrates his 18th birthday, just three days before his team’s first match in the Qatar World Cup, in which the Japanese national team meets next Wednesday.

Borussia Dortmund striker Mokoko said today: Three points against Japan will be very important in our team’s first match in this World Cup.

Mokoko, currently the youngest player in the German national team, started his international career with the team last Wednesday during the friendly match against the Omani national team in Muscat.

Manuel Neuer, 36, goalkeeper and captain of the German national team, said: Mokoko can reveal his desires and wishes.

Oliver Bierhoff, director of the German Football Association, said that Mokoko is like the rest of the players who celebrate their birthday while they are with the national team, noting that he will get a cake that will be prepared by the team’s chef, who accompanied the national team on the Qatar trip, and that it will, of course, be a “low-calorie” cake.

Bierhoff indicated that the team is not preparing to hold a party on this occasion.

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