The sequence made the rounds of the media and social networks. Five years ago, Nolwenn Leroy was invited to the program “Salut les Terriens” to promote her opus called “Gemme”. In a sequence, Laurent Baffie had fun putting his hand on the singer’s thigh before lifting her dress. At the time on the Web, many Internet users had cried foul.

The controversy over, Laurent Baffie spoke on the subject this Friday, November 18 on the airwaves of France Inter. As a reminder, Nolwenn Leroy had strongly defended him in the midst of turmoil. “With my strong character, if I had felt attacked, I would have defended myself and I would have elbowed him in the face” said Marin’s mother to the Parisian : “I would have done it with anyone else but Laurent is indeed a friend, we have known each other for fifteen years and he has always been benevolent and respectful with me. And then when you come to Ardisson you know what you expect”.

“I spoiled his promotion a bit…”

The interpreter of “Broken” had also been challenged by the huge bad buzz: “I don’t understand why this is taking on such proportions when I defused the problem right away. In absolute terms, I understand such reactions, because it’s a fight that needs to be fought, but this is a bad example and Laurent the wrong person to attack”. A point of view shared by the principal concerned.

“It was a matter of state and lots of business, but my valve was not good. I confused dinner with friends with a TV show. I did something that I do not assume, that I would not have liked to see by someone else “, recognized Laurent Baffie in the show “La Bande-Original”. “We all make mistakes and this one I claim. In addition, poor Nolwenn who was in full promotion […], I spoiled his promotion a bit. I called her to apologize. She said to me: ‘We don’t care my Laulau, everything is fine’.


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