Times are tough for Iris Mittenaere. If the ex-Miss France learned wonderful news a few months ago when her darling Diego El Glaoui asked her for her hand after several years of living together, she goes through difficult times as she let her community know this Friday, November 18 .

As a reminder, the ex-Miss Universe avoided the worst and faced a real nightmare a few weeks ago when she witnessed a gigantic fire right in front of her hotel in Dubai. Her future husband relayed the images of the scene which was chilling in the back and accompanied his images with a few comments. “In the middle of the night, we started to hear louder and louder noises. When we opened the curtains, we saw the chaos. The racing heart and the feeling that everything could change suddenly”he let know still taken by the emotion.

Tough times to go through

However, the darling of Iris Mittenaere wanted to reassure. By the time he captured the footage, the young woman was safe and sound: “After getting Iris to safety away from the building, I went back up to the apartment (without taking the elevator of course) to collect our passports, after realizing that our building was not affected by the fire”. A horrible moment that the couple should not soon forget…

But has this situation affected the morale of the beautiful? She did not specify but nevertheless wanted to inform her fans that she had not been on her plate for some time. “I don’t want to lie to you. Things haven’t been going well for a few days. I don’t want to pretend with you, to show you a perfect life”she informed with honesty, before adding: “I’m putting myself fully into sport, it does me a lot of good. A lot of little things have accumulated and are causing me to be saturated. It’s also important to say that. We don’t have a perfect life , no one has a perfect life”. Iris Mittenaere, however, has something to do to clear her mind. As a reminder, she must prepare her marriage with the man of her life and this could allow her to regain her morale.

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