Koo, the new social network of the momentI saw a solution for you users who tinham fear that Twitter will end. Meanwhile, a little more than a day after entering the social network, Philip Neto I passed through a perrengue. The profile of the youtuber on the tool was stolen by a hacker, but the logo was later recovered. The business process or responsable.

“Yes, galley, we will invade my Koo.. Some hackerzinho wants to do grace and leave all traces, for that reason he is being criminally prosecuted for what he did. The Koo team will advise you that it will solve the security problem. Até lá, it may be that the hackerzinho will post things here again. Don’t worry, it will be justiça being feita”, wrote Felipe Neto.

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After the problem, Koo’s own team explained the case on his official Twitter. “We have a hacker now that mexeu in the account of Felipe. Nossa equipe relaxou um poco a segurança to guarantee that everyone can get their OTP and the hacker uses that mistake. He needs to be taken to task! Excuse me or uncomfortable. All the dice are safe, so don’t worry”, he wrote.

Koo social network

Como tudo o que cai no Brasil vira meme, eleita social network como a Twitter Substitute I couldn’t get through unscathed. Isso because the tool that is making success is Koo. As well as the new acquisition of Elon Musk, this microblogging has a passarinho as a symbol, but love it. by account pronounce, various piadinhas like the site are already being produced. Famous people, like Felipe Neto, for example, are already migrating.

The youtuber, for example, has announced that he has opened a profile on the new social network. “Wow, Twitter person. I’m passing here to let you know, that I opened my Koo for everyone who wanted to enter. For those who don’t know, this is the new social network, KOO. It’s just that you enter it, you can tan everything or what everything or that I have no Koo, you can send my Koo to everyone”, he explained.

Meanwhile, other people will also jump in as the name of the social network. “Sixth fair and everyone thinking no Koo”, jumped a user, to repost an image of his own social network: “No one lets go or Koo de ninguém”, making a clear reference to Brazil. “ALet’s definitely xingávamos muito no Twitter. Now, let’s put or pau no Koo”, wrote another. “Vamos encher esse Koh de brasileiros”, disse mais um. Check some zoações with the new platform.

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